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Bangladesh – Passport and Visa required


Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens





  • Valid and signed U. S. Passport (valid at least 6 months beyond the date of entry; with at least one blank visa page)  – photocopy is not acceptable

  • One Visa Application Form completed and signed. Applications on thermal fax paper are not accepted. The application forms must have original signature.

  • Two Passport Type Photographs

  • Computer generated flight itinerary from the travel agent

  • Travel the World Visas Service Order Form








  • Submit your U.S. Official or Diplomatic Passport (must have at least 6 months remaining validity)
  • 1 Visa Application Form completed and signed. The application forms must have original signature.
  • Two Passport-type photographs 
  • Letter from sending Government department or agency, confirming the purpose of travel and dates of the intended visit.
  • Travel the World Visas Service Order Form

Service Fee:           $55.00/person/visa 


Consular Fee:        $165.00/visa

                                  Gratis (for Official or Diplomatic Passport Holders)


NOTE: Consular fee above include a $5 money order fee (consulate/embassy accepts money order only).



Return Mail Fee:   $28.00 (1-3 passports)     Overnight Delivery       [     ]

                                    $20.00 (1-3 passports)     2-Day Delivery             [     ]

                                    $48.00 (1-3 passports)     Saturday Delivery          [     ]


For Alaska and Hawaii, please add $15.00 on the Return Mail Fee




Please send all the above mentioned documents and payment (Money Order, Company Check, Cashier’s Check, American Express, Visa or MasterCard) by courier delivery* to:




1930 18TH STREET NW, UNIT #1


TOLL-FREE: 1-866–886-8472

LOCAL TEL: 202-223-8822


*Note: For the safety of your passport, we do not recommend sending your passport by regular mail.  Please send it by courier delivery so that if there’s a delay, you would be able to track or trace it.


Requirements and fees are subject to change without prior notice. All fees are non-refundable if your application was denied by the consulate or the Passport Agency,  or if you withdraw your application that has already been submitted to the consulate or Passport Agency.

● Requirements and fees are for U.S. Citizens only. Contact Travel the World Visas for information on other nationalities.


Travel the World Visas acts only as an agent, and accepts no responsibility for the services of any Travel Agent, Consulate, Passport Agency or Embassy in connection with the granting of visas, nor for any delays, loss of passports occasioned by such services or the U.S. Mail. Damage compensation is not available.

Register your trip on-line with the U.S. Embassy in this country.  Millions of Americans travel abroad every year and encounter no difficulties. However, U.S. embassies and consulates assist nearly 200,000 Americans each year who are victims of crime, accident, or illness, or whose family and friends need to contact them in an emergency. When an emergency happens, or if natural disaster, terrorism, or civil unrest strikes during your foreign travel, the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate can be your source of assistance and information. By registering your trip, you help the embassy or consulate locate you when you might need them the most. Registration is voluntary and costs nothing, but it should be a big part of your travel planning and security.


Visa Application Form for Bangladesh

Travel the World Visas Service Order Form

U. S. Passport

Business Letter


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