Nepal Visa

Nepal – Passport and Visa Required

Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens


  • Original Passport with at least 6 months of validity and containing at least 2 blank visa pages.
  • One Visa Application Form completed online – Hard Copy of Online Visa Application confirmation page Sample.  Before mailing your complete Application, you must first register your application by submitting your application details  HERE  and continue below for the application process.   (You will not be able to track your documents if you do not submit your details as mentioned)
  • One Passport Type Photograph
  • Travel the World Visas Service Order Form
Applicants are also required to submit the following documents, in addition to the documents mentioned above:
  1. Evidence of completion of 14 days of required doses of vaccination against COVID-19;
  2. Proof of hotel reservation in Nepal for at least 5 days (Not applicable to Non-resident Nepalis who have ‘Nepal’ as place of birth in their passports, and their immediate family members);
  3. Copy of mountaineering, trekking or other related permits, if travelling for tourism activities that require permits issued by relevant agencies of the government of Nepal (Not applicable to Non-resident Nepalis).

Multiple Entry 5 years Tourist Visa

Nepal has reciprocated on Tourist Visa with U.S.A. as per the decision of Government of Nepal. This visa policy will be effective since 1 st January 2019. According to this policy the U.S. citizens will be granted with Multiple Entry 5 years Tourist Visa.
Before submitting or mailing your complete Application, you must first submit your details HERE  and continue below for the application process. We will return back your application if we do not receive your details.
Multiple Entry 5 years Tourist Visa Procedure and Conditions.
  • Complete and Print Multiple Entry 5 Years Tourist Visa Application HERE.
  • The passport should have validity of at least 6 months.
  • Current Bank statement with latest transaction having minimum balance of USD 10,000 (In Words: Ten Thousands USD).
  • Health Insurance with International Travel Coverage (Validity of at least 6 months from the date of application with the policy issue and expiration date).
  • Details of contact person in Nepal.
  • Name of places to visit during stay in Nepal.

Fee Information

Service Fee:

Consular Fee:
$35.00/visa – Multiple entries stay up to 15 days stay – valid for 6 months

$55.00/visa – Multiple entries stay up to 30 days stay – valid for 6 months

$130.00/visa – Multiple entries stay up to 90 days – valid for 6 months

$165.00/visa – 5 Year Multiple Entries (The recipient of Multiple Entry 5 Years Tourist visa can stay for 180 days in each visa year)

All consular fees above include a $5 money order fee (consulate/embassy accepts money order only).

Return Mail Fee (1-3 passports):
For Alaska and Hawaii, please add $25.00

2-Day Delivery: $40.00
Overnight Delivery: $48.00
Saturday Delivery: $85.00

Travel the World Visas Service Order Form

For the safety of your passport, we recommend delivery by courier.  If there were a delay, we would be able to track or trace it.

Please send all required documents and payment (Money Order, Company Check, Cashier’s Check, American Express, Visa or MasterCard) by courier to:

1930 18TH STREET NW, UNIT #1

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Travel the World Visas acts only as an agent, and accepts no responsibility for the services of any Travel Agent, Consulate, Passport Agency or Embassy in connection with the granting of visas. We are not responsible for delays, loss of passports or damage caused by such service providers or the U.S. Mail.
Requirements and fees are for U.S. Citizens only. Contact Travel the World Visas for information on other nationalities.
Requirements and fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Sorry but all fees are non-refundable.